The skies over Denver are bound to get a little hazy this weekend as Colorado hosts  thousands of curious tourists and bold locals as they  party together in celebration of the (still fresh) legalized  marijuana movement. Most will spend the majority of their weekend at one (or both) or the two major events headlining the festivities: The 420 Rally and High Times Cannabis Cup.

It’s important to note that while the sale of cannabis is prohibited at both events, and while I’m sure there will be no shortage of generous stoners sharing product, part of the novelty of legal weed is actually buying weed legally. Plus, don’t you want your own?

So, no matter where you spend your 420 weekend, avoid getting lost in the crowd by using Cannabase Maps on your smartphone to find your route to the (mile) high life! 


The 420 Rally at Civic Center Park

April 18th & 19th

This year's 420 Rally is once again taking over Civic Center Park for a historic celebration featuring Rick Ross, national media attention and an after party for the ages. This 420 rally is set to smash last years’ record setting attendance and predicts over 250k attendees.


Dispensaries around Civic Center Park

good chemistry dispensary directions

Good Chemistry

User Reviews:

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ & Medical (purple card)

A local favorite (and Westword Best of Denver winner) Good Chem keeps pot trendy with sleek branding and friendly, well-trained budtenders.

good chemistry dispensary gallery

cannabase mapsGet driving directions to Good Chemistry 


User Reviews:

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ & Medical

A solid dispensary, conveniently located just blocks away from the 420 Rally, offering both recreational and medical product. AMA is a good choice if your group has a mix of medical (purple) card holders.       

cannabase mapsGet driving directions to AMA


User Reviews:

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ 

In the heart of downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall, Euflora is a dispensary for the millennials- shiny, bright & mainstream. A high-end experience with high-end prices.  

cannabase mapsGet driving directions to Euflora


High Times Cannabis Cup

April 18th - 20th

For the 5th year in a row, High Times brings the famous US Cannabis Cup to Denver! The Cup is really a hybrid event - part concert series, part competition, part industry expo.  This year the competition is more intense than ever as  medical and recreational categories were combined to help streamline the awards process.


Dispensaries around Denver Mart

river rock dispensary

River Rock

User Reviews:

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ & Medical (purple card)

With an award winning selection of concentrates extracted from organically grown flower, Cannabase favorite River Rock takes pride in their process - and it shows! With killer 420 specials, River Rock is a great way to celebrate this years High Times Cannabis Cup! 

river rock dispensary

cannabase mapsGet driving directions to River Rock

La Conte’s

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ & Medical

A throwback to the original prohibition, La Conte’s is steeped in local history. Offering clones, edibles, smokables and other “canna-goodies.” La Conte’s has something for everyone.

cannabase mapsGet Driving Directions to La Conte's 

Generation Health

 Shop Type: Recreational 21+ & Medical

Although open for Adult Use (recreational) sales, Generation Health takes the “health” in their name seriously and aims to help all cannabis users find the product best suited for their needs.

cannabase mapsGet driving directions to Generation Health

Did you know there are more dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks?! Find them all (or just the ones closest to you) with Cannabase Maps - you'll walk away with great product on this special weekend, and you’ll be supporting great local businesses! 

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