Company Overview

Founded November 2013 with Eric Ries’ lean startup philosophy in mind, Cannabase was founded by Jennifer and Chase Beck – a husband and wife team with a passion for great technology. Together they set out to help shape the emerging cannabis industry, and with the guidance and support of their investors – including a successful Denver dispensary owner with deep industry knowledge and insight – Cannabase launched its MVP (minimal viable product) January 1st to help usher in the end of cannabis prohibition in Colorado.

This MVP would form the foundation for Cannabase Marketplace, the private network for licensed marijuana businesses that quickly became the largest marijuana wholesale marketplace in Colorado. During its first 6 months (while still in beta) over 60 major state regulated cannabis cultivators & retailers joined the network and provided enormous amounts of invaluable feedback. In August 2014, Cannabase expanded the wholesale marketplace to include Washington & Oregon (both currently in beta).

Today, Cannabase Marketplace is proud to represent over 75% of marijuana licenses in Colorado, allowing businesses to connect with one another with unprecedented ease and convenience. With the end of vertical integration taking place in October of 2014, Cannabase’s powerful wholesale infrastructure played a big role in providing market intelligence and support to licensed marijuana businesses as the market transformed overnight.

In April 2014, Cannabase released Cannabase Maps, a dynamic dispensary finder, to connect cannabis consumers to the thriving business network. In February 2015 Cannabase co-created CannaBash, where nearly 1000 guests watched special guest – comedian T.J. Miller (HBO’s Silicon Valley) – joke and toke about his hometown and legalization.

In April of 2016 Cannabase was sold to Helix TCS, an industry-leading provider of integrated operating environments for licensed cannabis businesses. Helix TCS provides a wide range of technology, compliance, and security solutions, and Cannabase is a proud cornerstone of their technology division. Through Helix TCS, Cannabase is able to offer low cost courier solutions to its wholesale customers, as well as compliance consulting and a full suite of security services. Through Helix TCS, Cannabase secured powerful, exclusive wholesale data partnerships with industry point of sale leaders BioTrack and MJ Freeway, paving the road for the first live exchange in cannabis. Helix TCS is publicly traded and can be found on the OTC Market under the symbol HLIX.

Built around an iterative development model and a focus on exceptional customer service, Cannabase is, at its core, a technology company with a deep rooted belief that we are responsible for the success of the great cannabis experiment. We hope that Cannabase will continue to provide the data that will be used to define and defend our industry, while providing a safe and engaging place to connect individuals that find themselves involved in, interested in, or just plain curious about this whole new world.