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Whether you're looking to understand the cannabis market's fluctuations or advertise directly to licensed cannabis business owners or operators, Cannabase Reach enables businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to access this quickly emerging market in a way that's flexible, compliant, and effective.

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Advertising to Cannabase Marketplace

Cannabase Marketplace is the only double-opt in, fully private network for licensed marijuana businesses with a user-base spanning over 76% of Colorado's licensed marijuana businesses. As the largest wholesale marketplace for marijuana, Cannabase Marketplace's engagement is unparalleled in the legal cannabis industry - providing an enormous opportunity to ancillary businesses.

Through the Cannabase Reach advertising network, ancillary businesses looking to reach this user-base now has the opportunity to do so with unprecedented ease, convenience, and efficacy. With companies “[entering this] industry at an alarming rate,” Cannabase’s partnership programs provide partners with a powerful tool to combat competition and gain market dominance in this expanding, lucrative arena.

With industries like hydroponics (whose revenue alone forecasted to rise to $874.9 million by 2020) growing at an enormous rate due to the legalization of marijuana, this is an incredible opportunity to claim industry leading market share in one of the most authoritative corners of the legal marijuana industry.


Unparalleled Advertising Exposure

Cannabase advertisers have exclusive access to Cannabase’s industry-leading network of licensed cannabis business owners and operators.  This direct channel will provide Cannabase advertisers the previously unheard-of ability to reach cannabis business owners and operators, on their turf, in a way that’s professional, memorable, trustworthy, and effective.

  • Market Dominance:    76%+ of Colorado licenses are represented in the network
  • Influence:   86% of major brands (10+ licenses per entity) are represented in the network
  • Points of Contact :   1,500+ direct points of contact (owners and operators)
  • Licenses Reached:   2,000+ marijuana licenses
  • Brand Exposure:    400+ licensed brands

Advertising Opportunities

Bank & Payment Processing

Cannabis Lab Testing

Compliance & Consulting

Education & Professional Services

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Greenhouses & Gardening Supplies

Hydroponics & Propagation

Insurance Providers

Investment Resources

Legal Services  

Light & Lighting

Organizations & Nonprofits

Packaging Providers

Photography & Marketing Services

Real Estate

Security & Surveillance

Software Providers

Soil & Nutrients

Trim & Extraction Machines

Transportation Services

... And Many More!

Display Advertising

As the largest wholesale marketplace for marijuana, advertising in Cannabase provides an enormous opportunity for ancillary businesses to reach a highly targeted audience in a place they already know, like & trust.

Advertising is self-managed and completely flexible - so you can experiment with the campaigns and goals that are most important to you at any given time. 

Virtual Storefronts

Virtual storefronts allow advertisers to truly connect with our Marketplace audience through interactive deals, surveys, image galleries, in-app messaging, and more. By activating a virtual storefront in Cannabase Marketplace, advertisers have the unique opportunity to privately and effectively engage this powerful, local demographic - straight to the decision makers themselves.

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Cannalytics™ Market Reports

Cannabase Marketplace is the largest wholesale marijuana market in Colorado, representing over 76% of all Colorado marijuana cultivator and retail licenses. With more wholesale product volume than any other outlet, Marketplace reports are a great indicator of product volume and price trends throughout the broader cannabis industry. Through your free Reach account, you can subscribe to Cannalytics™ market reports and stay on the pulse of the local cannabis market!

Unlock these Cannalytics™ reports today!

Your Cannalytics™ subscription gives you access to a wide range of up-to-date charts and graphs, built in real time with proprietary market data

Marketplace Analytics (last 7 months)

  Medical Flower Volume 

  Recreational Flower Volume 

  Medical Flower - Average Price/Pound

  Recreational Flower - Average Price/Pound

  Total Marketplace product volume

  All Flower - Highest Price/Pound

  All Flower - Lowest Price/Pound

  Total Extract Volume 

  Extract - Highest Price/Gram

  Extract - Lowest Price/Gram

  Market Growth (based on licenses issued)

Marketplace Forecasts

  Medical Flower - Average Price/Pound

  Recreational Flower - Average Price/Pound

  Total Marketplace flower volume

  Market growth (based on licenses issued)