If you’ve logged into your Cannabase account recently, you might have noticed a few new changes! We’ve been hard at work improving the Cannabase platform and hope you absolutely love them. Here are just a few of the new additions we hope you’ll take the time to explore:

    • Wholesale Marketplace Improvements
      • Enhanced lab testing information for listings
      • Added downloadable PDFs for a single listing or all of the listings owned by a wholesale user
      • Added the ability to Favorite listings and save them for later
      • Enhanced image uploader fields for forms (including cropper)
    • Vendor Reviews have now been added to Marketplace business profiles. We hope you’ll share your best and worst experiences with the community!
    • Improved site security, including required password verification to visit account settings (after 30 minutes of being logged in)
    • Customizable Text & Email Notifications
      • Customizable email notification preferences
      • Customizable text notification preferences with a sleep window
      • New available notifications:
        • When a listing I’ve connected over/favorited changes in price or quantity
        • When a listing I’ve connected over is sold
        • When someone offers to sell me a listing
        • When someone cancels a purchase request
        • When someone declines a purchase request
        • When someone offers to buy my product
    • MIP Catalogues, Dispensary Storefronts and Service Provider Storefronts now have improved storefront layouts, as well as “Draft/Published” statuses to allow you to view your changes before publishing them
    • Surveys now have improved survey response analytics and reporting through interactive charts and CSV download of user responses
    • Easier employee account creation and management
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