HempStaff works with nationwide business owners, recruiting the most qualified individuals to fill their open positions. As a nationally insured staffing agency, you know you are getting the best quality of service possible with a HempStaff recruiter. Read on to learn more about HempStaff and what sets them apart from other cannabis staffing agencies!


What types of positions does HempStaff help fill?

HempStaff can fill full or part time positions for cannabis jobs that range from trimmers, site workers and dispensary agents to general managers, processing specialists and master growers.


How does HempStaff find and attract quality candidates in a high-turnover industry?

Our dispensary agents/entry level candidates either have legal experience (from states that have legal programs) or have gone through HempStaff Dispensary Training. Currently, we have over 22,000 candidates in database ranging from entry level to master level.


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What advice do you have for candidates looking to break into the industry?

Act professional. This is a professional industry and businesses demand that professionalism from our candidates. We are not searching out the next head shop worker, we are seeking passionate and compassionate people who want to be part of an emerging industry that is ultimately centered around helping people.


Why are recruitment services a better option for businesses than hiring in-house?

When businesses post available positions, they generally get inundated with hundreds of resumes (200 on average, actually) from people that are completely unqualified. As a business owner, your time is money and going through those resumes can be very time consuming. HempStaff will set you up with a dedicated recruiter who will create a personalized “job description” for your open position, noting the position’s specific experiences and requirements and will find candidates to match. These candidates will be pre-screened by the recruiter to review their resume and backgrounds before submitting them to the hiring manager. The HempStaff recruiter will set up the initial conference call interview between the client and candidate, as well as manage the personal interview schedule. Prior to offering the final candidate the position, HempStaff will do a background check to ensure their will be no surprises when you are going to get the employee badge from the state. We also offer a 90-day guarantee, if the employee quits or is fired with cause within 90 days we will replace them at no charge.


Have you noticed any shifts in employers’ attitudes toward in-house hiring over time?

As more and more business open, the pool of experienced people is getting smaller, so we are starting to get more West Coast businesses to use our services. Where we currently excel is helping potential business owners with staffing and training solutions for their new business applications in emerging cannabis markets, which are mostly in the Midwest or East Coast. With one call, we take away hours of searching, culling through useless resumes and wasting time on poor applicants.


What are some common mistakes employers make in hiring and retaining staff?

The biggest mistake we see in hiring is employing untrained dispensary agents, which is why HempStaff training focuses only on that area. The dispensary agent needs to be a product specialist who is passionate about the plant and compassionate about the human race. They are the face of the business, since they are the ones interacting with the customer/patient.

The two biggest mistakes we see in retaining employees are how you treat them and how you pay them. They should be treated with the respect they deserve, because they are the face of your business and the first line of your security. Additionally, this is not a minimum wage position. If you want qualified, trained professionals, they you need to pay them as such.


How do you expect demand for your services to change as new states legalize cannabis?

As more states come on board, it’s getting harder and harder for them to find experienced talent to help them open their shops on their own, so they are contacting HempStaff for assistance. We expect the demand for these experienced employees to continue to increase greatly over the next few years, and as that increases so does salary. We are already seeing offers of $150K for Master Growers on the east coast.


What makes HempStaff the best training and recruitment service in the industry?

Our training is live and state-specific. There are several online training videos that can be purchased but they are speaking in generics of the plant. Our classes first and foremost specialize on the regulations & laws as they apply to the state we are in. Additionally, our trainers have at least 5 years experience in the cannabis industry ranging from dispensary agents and general managers to cultivators, which helps when they are asked questions, as their answers are from actual experiences, not something they read online.

Our recruiters have many years in the recruiting industry and understand what it takes to have a successful relationship between the employer, the candidate and the recruiter. Ultimately, HempStaff’s job is to make our partners succeed and with over 22,000 potential employees in our database and years of recruiting experience we can make hiring and retaining employees in the cannabis industry much less stressful for business owners. HempStaff is the only cannabis recruitment firm that is insured nationally. Additionally, we offer lower fees than any other cannabis recruitment firms, and will work within a company’s budget.

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