AiroClean420 has brought NASA-developed air sanitation technology into the cannabis industry, revolutionizing cannabis clean air technology. Read on to learn more about how this amazing product works and what it means for your marijuana cultivation.


  1. Why has Airoclean420 decided to venture into the cannabis industry?

Since 1984, our NASA developed preventive controls air sanitation technology has been the preferred solution with helping the global food and beverage industries protect their products and brands from airborne cross contamination thus optimizing shelf life and reducing spoilage.  Two years ago, it was brought to our attention that the cannabis industry had a need for fungal disease prevention that utilized zero toxic emissions. We then started cold calling a few companies and sold a few units. We then exhibited at a few trade shows and observed the interest levels and demand were off the charts. Last year, AiroClean420 was exhibited at 6 trade shows and this year we will be at 7 and maybe even more. Our lead generation has been way beyond our expectations.


  1. How receptive has the industry been to Airoclean420’s product? Is this changing as the industry matures?

Currently we have placed over 700 systems within 136 grow/cultivation/production facilities. As this market continues to grow and mature and considering the vast number of potential AiroClean420 customers, we anticipate our sales for this industry to grow exponentially.


  1. How is Airoclean420 different from different air sanitizing systems on the market?

How is Airoclean420 different from different air sanitizing systems on the market? AiroClean420 is distinctively different from other air sanitizing systems on the market. There are no toxic emissions to be concerned about. AiroClean420 utilizes Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) and destroys all fungal disease (like Powdery Mildew) within the unit’s bio reactor bed thus emitting only pure and safe air. The unit is totally user and environmentally friendly. There are no risk in plant damage with AiroClean420. Our technology is a listed FDA Class 2 Medical Device.


  1. How important is maintaining a clean air environment in the cannabis cultivation process?

What a great and timely question. From the largest to the smallest, this industry has concluded it is paramount within sanitation protocols to maintain a clean air environment within the cannabis cultivation process. This is a must and not an option in order to; Promote Maximum Yield, Ensure Quality Product and Optimize Production.


  1. What are some common mistakes mistakes growers make when choosing an air sanitation system?

We believe there are misunderstandings when it comes to comprehending the foundational components of air sanitation technologies. For example, sometimes marketing can purposely misrepresent emissions as being safe or not harmful. However, once you peel back the layers of disguise, you can then clearly see potentially toxic gasses like ozone or ozone derivatives that will damage the plant once ppm reach certain levels.


  1. Why is Airoclean420 the best option for cannabis cultivators?

Airoclean420 is uncompromisingly the best air sanitation option for cannabis cultivators. It safely and efficiently protects against cross contamination without emitting any dangerous toxic gasses back into the room. Operational cost are very affordable.  Airoclean420 is customer proven.

We know it works because our customers continue to offer their observational feedback, like; Brian Matthews with Firehouse Organics, “We have been using the Airoclean420 for the past 6 months with great success. Since implementing this system we have seen a reduction in powdery mildew. This in turn saves us money and peace of mind by not having to spray for these problems. With the world of growing always changing this device gives you the power to have the control in your hands. With less sprays comes less money on fungicides and less man hours wasted spraying leaving your employees free to handle other task without the worry of residual fungicides in your product.” 



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