Activating CannLabs Data in Your Marketplace Account

Did you know CannLabs is fully integrated with Cannabase Marketplace? Yep, that's right. We're still the only wholesale exchange to pull the exact batch reports into our wholesale listings - showing you the test results of the exact product you're buying. Pretty cool, huh?

Step 1: Update Your Profile

First, go to edit your profile, and select the "Business Info" tab. 

In the CannLabs Customer ID field, enter your customer ID number and click the "Save Changes" button.

cannlabs integration wholesale


Step 2: Create a Wholesale Listing with CannLabs Data

Under the "My Wholesale" tab, select "My Listings."

From here, you'll want to create a new listing. Select the proper item type when prompted (bud, extract, trim, edible, etc) and begin filling in the form. When you reach the question, "Lab-tested?" select "Yes."

marijuana market lab integration


Step 3: Enter the Test ID Number

Once you've selected "CannLabs" from the dropdown, enter your specific test batch ID number (format: CO0123456)

lab id integration cannlabs


That's it! 


Finding Lab-Tested Wholesale Product

You can also filter the Marketplace wholesale market by lab-tested listings. Simply select "Filter" from the upper right hand corner of the listing index, and scroll down until you see "Lab Tested." Press "Filter" and your listings will be filtered by only those that have been lab tested.


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