As most of us know, things move fast in this chaotic industry, and the last few weeks have proven that Colorado’s marijuana wholesale market is no exception. This is no surprise to those following the latest updates from the Cannabase Marketplace.

As the first reliable pulse of the state’s cannabis supply chain, the Cannabase Marketplace has allowed us to observe key wholesale developments as they happen and draw powerful insights into the future direction of the market. Late last year, we reported on the six-fold increase in recreational flower volume, forecasting an imminent drop in wholesale prices. Since then, average asking prices for flower have dropped roughly $600 per pound and have remained below $2000 for four months.

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After a brief upswing in January, prices resumed their plunge last month, with the average price per pound reaching it’s all-time low of $1,613.33. Whether this trend will carry over into March remains to be seen, nonetheless, this is surely a metric buyers and sellers will be watching closely in the coming weeks.

Though the fluctuations in prices for wholesale flower have been a major focus this year, further developments in the marketplace will likely draw the attention of cannabis wholesalers, especially infused product manufacturers.


Trim Volume Surges

While trim supply on the marketplace remained scarce earlier this year, volume has skyrocketed to all-time highs in recent weeks. The expanded inventory has given buyers more options in regard to trim selection and vendors, putting significant downward pressure on prices.

wholesale marijuana market data colorado

Extract Takes Off

In a similar trend, we’re seeing a significant boost in volume for wholesale extract hit the market in recent weeks. After a steep drop of nearly $5/gram in only two months, prices for wholesale extract approached record lows last month. It didn’t take long for the cheap extract to attract buyers and the momentum seems to have carried over into March. Although nearly 10 lbs of new extract hit the market last week alone, the price of extract appears to be holding steady.


Marketplace Prospects

Given these recent changes in the trim and extract markets, it clear that the same market forces that have strained wholesale flower prices in recent months are diffusing into secondary products.

While the competitive environment on the Cannabase Marketplace has been intensifying as of late, market conditions remain volatile and can change drastically from one week to the next. As the state of wholesale cannabis evolves and matures alongside the industry, keeping up to date on the latest developments is the best way to make the most informed decisions for your business.


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Erik is Cannabase’s resident number cruncher, data smasher, and penny pincher. An avid neck-pillow enthusiast, Erik spends his free time commuting to work, winning games of risk, and counting cash.

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Erik is Cannabase’s resident number cruncher, data smasher, and penny pincher. An avid neck-pillow enthusiast, Erik spends his free time commuting to work, winning games of risk, and counting cash.


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