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Wow – this has been a really crazy deploy. Deploys, for those of you who are new here, are when we deploy new code to the live server. “We” really means my husband, Chase (our CTO) and Jay (our Lead Product Engineer)… but the rest of us test and handle other parts of getting a product tested and cleaned and shipped, and by the time it’s over, we’re all really really tired.

This one culminated to something special. We’ve planned a ton of deploys – generally we try to do one every 2 weeks, and each is chock full of new features, feature improvements, bug fixes, usability enhancements, speed optimization, and more. All of this is done in the hands of two developers who bust their butts – all the time – and a strong support system around them: managing the development tickets, testing, working on product design and helper text, and building out the supporting design, advertising, and collateral. It’s a lot of work!

Tonight marks a bit over a year since we launched Cannabase Marketplace, and just short of a year launching Cannabase Connects. Since then, we’ve always launched Cannabase Maps (which we’re proud to say has been syndicated on the industry leading Weed Blog!). But in all of this time, there have been so many mission critical deploys and big launches that we’ve haven’t been able to sit down and create a blog!

Well, we’re finally here, and we’re really excited about it. This website will have a team blog and feature things from each of the apps – helping streamline our communication with our long last families and friends (we promise, we won’t work this much forever!) as well as, most importantly, our users. We hope this new piece of Cannabase helps you learn how to use the app as we learn how to build it, helps you connect with the people behind the giveaways and parties and swag, and – most importantly – makes you realize what an exciting journey you’re on with us.


So, for this deploy, what are we launching? 

The New Homepage & Blog!

First of all, the big picture at the top is the new homepage on our test server, although by the time this blog post goes live we’ll be live, so it will be your homepage, too. Which brings to my first real point, how cool is the new homepage?! It pulls in the storefront search from Cannabase Connects and Cannabase Maps, immediately tying you into the network. Plus, it pulls in this blog – which is a great thing. As an enormously collaborative project between my husband and I – him doing everything and me having lots of ideas – it’s a big project for the Becks and a big project for the team, and we’re so thrilled how it turned out.

New Features

We are launching hyperlinking in-app, as well as mentioning. What’s mentioning?! It’s saying @ and tagging a user. These things seem small, but once you have life without them you realize how these little things have the power to make something come alive. For our current users, you can mention now! Mention me in Cannabase Connects @Jennifer and watch my heart melt   

Ok, so we’re back at it. Chase is fixing an IE bug (note to everyone: don’t use Cannabase on Internet Explorer – don’t ever use Internet Explorer! It’s the worst. You can download Chrome for free. Make that your default browser and Google-ify your world and experience Cannabase in all it’s true glory!)

Anyways, so a few bugs you may have been noticing that were fixed in last night’s deploy…

User-facing bug fixes & usability improvements:

  • Ordering of comments when you’re replying to someone else’s comments
  • Randomizing the friends that appear in your sidebar
  • A business user index has been added back to the upper navigation of the marketplace (Wholesale Market –> Wholesale Users)
  • Added a price field on for trade listings in the marketplace
  • Streamlined viewing survey results as a business/storefront owner

Alright, I’m going to go breeze through this blog a couple more times and touch base with all of you in the app, then I’ll be mobile this weekend. Let’s get some fresh air for once – eh?


If you need to get in touch with me, I’ll be checking my Cannabase Connects messages (@Jennifer).


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