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With over two years as industry leaders in Colorado, our free online marketplace is proud to have users representing over 75% of the licenses in Colorado’s legal marijuana market.

Today, our reach extends over 2,000 licenses and even more points of contacts in licensed marijuana grows, processors, and retail centers. Activate your free Cannabase Marketplace wholesale account to start creating free listings & requests today.

If you’re an MED licensed business, activate your free account at https://business.cannabase.io





Hands-Off Wholesale is the exclusive brokerage service of the Cannabase Marketplace wholesale network.

As the largest wholesale marketplace in the state, we have buyers available if you’re looking to move product quickly and efficiently, and we’ll keep things simple by arranging delivery and logistics for both parties. For sellers looking to push product, there’s a sales fee of $75/lb for product that is successfully moved, but, of course, you only pay once the deal is done.

Please note that utilizing the listings and requests in the Marketplace is still completely free to use. You only pay if you'd like additional brokerage or logistical services outside of the app. Please feel free to email us at sales@cannabase.io with any questions or to discuss the right set up for your business!


    Full service, turn key solution

    Only pay if product is moved successfully

  No longterm contracts or referral fees after initial connection

  Free for buyers - reach out to order buy now inventory, see samples, and more


Email us at wholesale@cannabase.io to enroll in our hands-off brokerage services today



Premium Marketing Packages


For heavy wholesalers, we offer the following premium membership tiers to help maximize exposure in the Cannabase wholesale marketplace


Marketplace Advertising Package

 Featured Listing Tag (5 days)

 Advertising Basic Subscription (5 points/month)

 MIP Infused Product Catalogue

 Cannalytics Access


Marketplace Advertising Package  |   Premium

  2 Featured Listing Tags (5 days each)  

 Advertising Pro Subscription (15 points/month)

 MIP Infused Product Catalogue

 Inclusion in Email Marketing Campaigns (at least 1x/month)

 Cannalytics Access




Cannalytics Access:   Cannalytics market reports show historical prices and market volume for business planning & market analysis purposes

Email Marketing Campaigns:  Targeted email marketing campaigns reach hundreds of dispensaries and grows operations across Colorado

Featured Listing Tags:   Stay stuck to the top of listing index & maximize your exposure in the industry-leading wholesale marketplace!

Sidebar Advertisements:   Display advertising is a great way to drive traffic to wholesale listings, storefronts, catalogues - and even your own website

Wholesale Catalogues:  Catalogues are designed to manage deals, vendor reviews, showcase inventory, and build powerful brand awareness throughout the marketplace

 "Since before Cannabase was a recognized name in the industry, they have always been an ace in our pocket."

 Terrapin Care Station

 To activate a premium subscription (or a la carte premium wholesale add on), log into your free Cannabase Marketplace account and click the shopping cart icon  in the upper right hand corner of your screen.